Name of Business: Chef Vedam LLC

          Type of Business: Gluten Free Personal Chef

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Serving In & Around Atlanta and North Georgia

          Phone Number: 678-754-2438

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          Twitter: TWITTER.COM/CHEFVEDAM

          Instagram: INSTAGRAM.COM/CHEFVEDAM

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Chef Vedam Clementi is a Gluten Free Certified Personal Chef and the author of Vedam’s Gluten Free & Fabulous! Recipes From A Southern Gay Househusband.


After suffering for over two decades with digestive issues, Chef Vedam was diagnosed with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, and had to learn to cook a new way, completely gluten free. Being the main cook in the house, Chef Vedam soon realized that he was not going to cook two different meals, a traditional meal for his family and a gluten free meal for himself. He knew that he would have to make his gluten free food not only nutritious but also delicious; something that everyone would enjoy. Staying true to his Southern heritage, Chef Vedam knew that he would have to take his favorite down home comfort foods and convert his recipes to match his dietary needs. As he began to share his recipes, he soon realized that many people are in the same boat as he, and need his help. He began to compile his recipes into one concise resource, and Vedam’s Gluten Free & Fabulous! Recipes From A Southern Gay Househusband became a reality. The cookbook not only covers Southern dishes gluten free style, but also includes gluten free basics, how to create your own flour blend, how to set up a gluten free kitchen and home, breakfasts, soups, side and main dishes, desserts and some of his and his husband’s favorite dishes and cuisines.


After the release of his cookbook, Chef Vedam realized that many people needed and loved gluten free food but were not interested in cooking for themselves. This led Chef Vedam to become a Gluten Free Certified Personal Chef, through the USPCA (United States Personal Chef Association), and his delicious dishes have been enjoyed by many. As a personal chef, Chef Vedam serves North Georgia, Atlanta, Asheville, NC, Chattanooga, TN and the adjoining areas. Chef Vedam also teaches gluten free cooking classes and provides demonstrations in and around Atlanta, Asheville, and south Georgia all the way to Savannah. This spring, Chef Vedam plans to take his book tour and cooking classes even further south to Florida and then begin going north up to his home state of Virginia spreading the word and knowledge about delicious and nutritious gluten free food and recipes.


Chef Vedam not only shares his recipes on his website (, he has already begun his second cookbook which will focus on dishes that are more health conscious, vegetarian and other food allergies. He can be reaches at Vedam (at) ChefVedam (dot) come. Also follow him on Facebook and Twitter at @ChefVedam.


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