“S.A.F.E.” and Other Donations

During the 2017 weather disasters/hurricanes like Harvey, Irma and Maria, GIG Atlanta became urgently aware and concerned for everyone’s safety as well as their basic needs for safe and healthy foods. Even though we were concerned with everyone’s safety and basic needs, we were specifically concerned for those that need to eat a gluten free diet and allergen free foods. 
Yes, food banks and support agencies provide food for situations like these; however, could you imagine having specific dietary needs and having to rely on food banks for your food? What would you do in that scenario; would you eat what was given to you knowing that it would make you sick or would you go without? 
All of us here at GIG Atlanta want to do our part to help those in need during those difficult times and WE NEED YOUR HELP!
We have started a program called S.A.F.E., which stands for “Safe Allergy Friendly Emergency Food Kits. We will begin with allergy friendly disaster relief food kits that are not only gluten free but also nut and dairy free, and we hope to expand from there over time. 
It is our plan to work with other GIG groups, specifically coastal GIG groups that are most likely to be effected by future hurricanes and storms. 
This endeavor is different and more complex than a conventional food bank, simply because this will only be used when in response to natural disasters, and we do not know where it will be needed until the situation occurs. That being said, we will have to not only meet the needs of gluten, dairy and nut free diets, we will have to deal with expiration dates, getting the food where it’s needed, etc. 
As more information regarding this endeavor is confirmed, we will be frequently changing and updating the details; however, we need your help, and we ask that you book mark this page and come back and visit it often.