What Does It Mean For A Product To Be Gluten Free?

In the beginning of your diagnosis, or your decision to go gluten free, you may spend much of your time walking up and down the aisle of the store looking for those ‘gluten free’ labels; however, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to know what those ‘GF’ labels mean?

For something to be considered gluten free the product has to be tested and certified that it has less than 20 parts per million of wheat, rye or barley to be considered gluten free.

The reason why a product can be packaged as being ‘gluten free’ is because it has been tested to have 20 parts per million (or less) of wheat, rye or barley, and it also has not been produced or packaged in a plant that where the dust of other wheat, rye or barley products could have contaminated it. A certified gluten free product goes through a quite an extensive certification process, and this certification guarantees that that product is safe for you to consume or use.

Education and knowledge is the key because gluten can be hidden in many places you may never even consider. Some examples are breakfast sausage, low fat dairy products, certain deli meats, some salad dressings, and even chewing gums and candies. Gluten can even be hidden in non-food items around the home and can be quite dangerous, such as stamps and glue on envelopes, childhood toys such as Play-Doh, and even in cosmetics, lipsticks, lip balms, some prescriptions!

Yes, gluten can be found in some of the oddest places, so it is more than just eating a gluten free diet.Yes, gluten can be found in many places other than food, so please keep that in mind as you are shopping. 

Does this mean that while you are shopping, you should only buy a product that has been certified as a gluten free product? In the beginning, and until you are further educated, maybe; however, there are quite a few products that are intrinsically gluten free and are quite safe.

As you continue through the “Knowledge” section of our site, we hope you will walk away with more knowledge about eating and living gluten free.